Secure Our Schools

Our company has one top priority and that is “keeping children safe while they are attending school”. Whether they are attending elementary school, middle school, high school or college our children need to feel safe.

Our company is staffed by retired federal agents who have spent a professional lifetime examining security issues. We understand the nature of the threat. Our senior partners have protected the President of the United States, investigated major international terrorism cases and major bombing incidents, responded to deadly school shootings, and conducted hostage rescues. Our personnel have been in charge of security planning for major events like the visit of the Pope, Presidential Inaugurations/Political Conventions, Super Bowls and the Olympic Games.

Our firm specializes in discrete professional services tailored to the specific needs of our clientele. We can assure you that security is our business. We concentrate on security services, consulting and program management. Because of our rich backgrounds we can provide services that are unmatched in the protection/security readiness field.

Aren’t these the men and women you want keeping your children safe while they are at school?